Our farm is NPIP certified.

Buff Orpington hens and rooster


We have a variety of breeds on our farm, including Buff Orpington, White Leghorn, Light Brahma, Barred Rock, Lakenvelder, Rhode Island Red, Easter Egger, French Blue Marans, French Black Copper Marans, and Olive Egger.

We sell day old chicks  and when available, we sell pullets that are 6-15 weeks old.

Barred Rock hens and rooster


Chicks available for Spring 2016 include:

Buff Orpington

French Blue Copper Marans

French Black Copper Marans

Easter Egger


Lakenvelder hens and rooster


4 thoughts on “Chickens”

    1. Keith, there are prices listed on our website under chicks for sale or pullets for sale. We are not shipping any chicks or pullets at this time though, just selling in the local area (or close enough driving distance for us to meet up).

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