Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats all come from registered blood lines. We also have some Pygmy/Nigerian mixes if you’re just looking for a great pet or goat milk.

We have blue-eyed and brown-eyed goats. Some are polled and the rest are disbudded.

Our current herd is almost ready to breed, and we hope to have kids available for purchase by fall 2017.

Our prices range from $100 to $400, depending on the line, color, and whether or not you want registration papers.

If you’d like to get on the waiting list for one, contact us at We plan to sell most of the kids, but reserve the right to retain some for future breeding.

All doelings and bucklings will be up-to-date on their vaccinations. If you want them disbudded and/or wethered, an additional fee may apply.

Keep checking for photos and availability here and on our Facebook page.

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