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What’s the Point?

Cutting wire for the baby chicken pen.

When we first started talking about having a web presence for the Honeysuckle Homestead, we first thought it would just be a place to show our goats so that when we have baby goats for sale, people could view them.

I thought that was kind of boring though, and decided maybe we should also document some of our adventures as we navigate life as newlyweds and amateur farmers.

We’ve had quite a few adventures already, and our little  homestead isn’t even a year old. There have been run ins with various critters, like snakes, possums, foxes and hawks. There have been gardening disasters and chickens who escaped. There have been ice storms that caused limbs to fall all over the property, not to mention the whole “building a barn from scratch” saga.

Overall, we’ve laughed a lot and learned a lot. I don’t want to let more time go by without documenting our progress, so that’s kind of the point of this site.

Right  now we’re anxiously awaiting our new baby chicks–set to arrive here in April. We’re getting two roosters in the bunch, so that will be a new (and probably challenging experience). In the meantime, we’re transforming one of our barn stalls into a home for the baby chicks. Fun times!

My clippers were originally bought to make a Christmas wreath...little did I know they'd mostly be used for chicken wire...
My clippers were originally bought to make a Christmas wreath…little did I know they’d mostly be used for chicken wire…also, notice my cute muck boots!
Johnny works on a snake-proof screen so the baby chicks will be safe.
Johnny works on a snake-proof screen so the baby chicks will be safe.
Top of the cage is good and critter-proof!
Top of the cage is good and critter-proof!
Rambo keeps an eye on our progress.
Rambo keeps an eye on our progress.


Expect the Unexpected

goat and watermelon

I never intended to have a farm. I assure you that when I bought my pink, flowery muck boots a couple of years ago, I totally thought they’d look cute on a rainy day. I didn’t envision they’d be needed while I went out to feed the chickens or get fresh water for the goats.

But such is life. You never know what might lurk just around the corner.

The same thing applies to this blog. I’m not sure what all we might cover here. I know that Johnny and I have a fun and often funny life as we work together to be more self-sufficient.

How, you might ask? Here are a few ways:

Our chickens have layed more than 2 dozen eggs since the beginning of the month.

We’re learning about goats so that in a few months when our girl goat (Stephanie is her name) is ready, we can breed goats and have goat milk and cheese.

We’re planning a large garden so that our meals can truly be farm fresh.

I’m slightly obsessed with home remedies, especially apple cider vinegar and garlic. Thankfully Johnny is willing to try most of these, even if it means going to bed with freshly chopped garlic and olive oil on his feet. He smelled like a pizza, but his chest congestion was clearer the next day…

All in all, life on the Honeysuckle Homestead is pretty sweet. We hope you’ll check back to see what we’ve been up to!