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What’s New at the Honeysuckle Homestead

New baby goat
One of our new girls…she’s a sweetie! (still coming up with a name though!)

We sort of slacked off on this site–there just weren’t enough hours in the day to keep it updated! But we’re back now and ready to update everyone on what’s going on at our little homestead, as well as the exciting things we have planned for the future!

First of all, Stephanie (our Nigerian Dwarf Doe) is pregnant and should be having kids sometime in June (if our calculations are correct). That is great news–last year she had twin bucks who were sold before they were even born! Dexter and Rocky are their names now and thankfully their new owners share pics of them on Facebook.

We’ve also got some new additions–4 new does and 1 buck, although only one has arrived on the farm. The other 4 will be ready to come home with us in April. We’re expanding our goat breeding because next year we¬† plan to have goat milk, cheese, and ice cream. (we’ve heard it’s outstanding!)

new boy goat
This sweet boy will be coming to our farm in April!

So be on the lookout for some cute goat photos in the future, as well as the adventure we go on as we learn about milking goats. We will be selling the offspring next Spring, so if you’re in the market for goats, be on the lookout for that announcement as well.

eggs to incubate
These eggs are in the incubator now!

We’re hatching less chicken breeds this year, but we will still have a good selection. Easter Eggers and Olive Eggers are in the incubator now, and next we’ll be hatching Marans and Welsummers. We’ll likely hatch a few Buff Orpingtons as well, but for now we’re focusing mainly on the colored egg layers. If you’re in the market for chicks, keep checking our Facebook page and this site–we’ll list availability as we have it.

We’ll be posting here and on Facebook frequently, so stay tuned! Like our new Facebook page to see farm photos and meet some of our favorite animals!